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Welcome boys and girls to Fuck Yeah! Hot Tumblr Guys! Click through the picture of the boys to stalk follow them, we're sure they won't mind.

FuckYeah! Hot Tumblr Guys loves gay men as much as straight men, sometimes though, there's no way to tell which way they swing, so if we get it wrong, just let us know by submitting a comment in our SUBMIT box! ;)

Use the Submit a Post button to submit a hot tumblr guy. You MUST include a picture and their tumblr name/URL. Feel free to also include their name and why we love 'em. Thanks.

Disclaimer: Don't like the guys being posted? We're sorry we can't cater to your exact taste. This is however a tumblr dedicated to ALL tastes. Feel free to unfollow otherwise. This isn't a popularity contest, just a tumblr dedicated to appreciating the men that make tumblr what it is.

"Ugly guys"

Rumor has it that some of you think that some of the guys we’ve been posting are unattractive (read: ugly.)

Of course you are all entitled to your opinion, but we were still tempted to say something on the matter.

First of all, not even all of us working on these pictures always agree on who is good looking and who isn’t. So while you might think they’re unattractive, trust us, someone out there loves them. Therefore, for the guys that get posted and then worry about being called ugly, ignore those other people, someone out there liked you enough to submit you.

Second, while we strongly believe that looks are extremely important, we think that even more important is the content behind those baby blues or the heart behind the ab muscles. If it isn’t a submission, we have to actually go through each guy’s tumblr trying to find out a little bit about them, it’s a lot of hard work, but in the long run if the guy seems to be a cool enough person, it ends up being worth it.

Sure, you can’t tell what a person is like just from the Tumblr, but you can sort of pick the douchebags from the sweethearts.

We’re into skinny scrawny lanky guys as much as we are into the chubby guys. We love short buzzed hair and long manes. Hippies, rapper, and rockers all rock our world. We know our followers are both young and old so we don’t have an age limit, and that’s the way it is.

HOT tumblr guys? Yes, because we try to make these guys be the WHOLE package. Someone that’s actually worth talking too, a guy that someone out there will be like if not for their gorgeous smile, then at least for their collection of figurines, ambition, or dramatic tendencies.

For those of you that reblog a guy saying he’s ugly, think for a second how nice it must feel for someone to post you as someone attractive with a list of all the great things you are….and then one tiny person shoot that down just because they felt the need to reblog your picture saying you’re unattractive.

A lot of these guys are used to the attention, others aren’t. And a lot of times, those are the ones that need it the most. If you’re gonna comment on them being ugly, be nice, DON’T reblog.

And to all those of you gorgeous men that we’ve posted so far, gay or straight, young or not, taken or not: WE LOVE YOU. THANK YOU FOR MAKING TUMBLR A LITTLE BIT MORE PLEASANT TO LOOK AT.

We dig genuine guys.


FY! Hot Tumblr Guys.

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